Services Offered

Family Law

Child Support,
Custody, Parenting Time

Criminal Defense

State Court and Eastern
District of Michigan
Federal Court

DUI, Gun Cases, Domestic
Violence, Drug Cases

Drug Trafficking, Homicide

Civil Cases

Wrongful Death,
Civil Defense

Business Law

Bankruptcy, Wills




Unsure if your concern needs legal consult, let me help sort through your options.  

Any legal situation can be scary and full of anxiety. 

Having someone you can trust navigate the process with you, so your rights are protected, eases the stress in any situation.







In Our Client's Words...

"He's a solid choice for a legal representative!  A St. Patty's day slip up led me searching for a legal representative.  Based on a friend's experience with this man in particular, I contacted him.  He was on time to our consultation.  He then informed me his rates with the intention of not going to trial.  Couple court appearances down the road he then decided it would be best to go to trial.  His rate stayed the same therefore he's an honest and serious repreenstative.  In the end, the case was totally dismissed.  On the way out he then said, "A win for you, is a win for me".  Even thought it was an insignificant case he handled it with total professionalism and confidence.  Made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing he was there.  12/10 would recommend to anyone seeking legal advice/representation."

— Austin (June 1, 2019)

"One Hell of a Lawyer!  Mr. Wolak is definitely a top notch lawyer.  He handled my divorce case with sincere respect for my children and myself.  He did exactly what he said he would do and even more.  He would never make a move without first consulting with me.  He got exactly what I requested from him in my divorce.  Mr. Wolak would call me to keep me updated on my case and how the proceedings were going.  To this day Adam checks in on me to see how my family and I are doing and that says a lot about a man.  I would highly recommend Mr. Wolak to anyone that's going through a divorce or custody battle.  His work speaks for itself.  Adam is a very reasonable lawyer that worked with my budget to be able to afford his services.  I can only say one thing that sums it all up, HE IS ONE HELL OF A LAWYER!"

— Anonymous (June 5, 2018)

"A Job Well Done!!!!  I hired Adam to represent me in a criminal matter.  This was my first serious criminal matter and honestly I was pretty scared.  He handled my case and got an excellent result.  He got the truth out and it was heard.  Best part was during this process he didn't hide behind a secretary or associate.  Whenever I needed to talk to him regarding the case I called and talked to him.  Great job Adam.  Thank you."

— Javier (October 1, 2015)

"Mr. Wolak helped me in my legal matter with the best results possible.  I can't thank you enough.  One very satisfied client."

— Anonymous (October 8, 2019)

"Just wanted to say "Thanks!" Adam.  If anyone needs a good lawyer I got you on speed dial."

— Anonymous (October 17, 2019)